Huawei Or Honor Doesn’t Recognize a SIM Card – How To Fix It

Huawei SIM is not recognized: Here we have some potential solutions to solve the unrecognized SIM problem on Huawei and Honor phones. Errors such as SIMs are one of the most common problems faced by any smartphone user. This problem occurs due to software errors or damage to hardware components.

Sometimes, the system cache files are responsible for making errors on the device. With all these things in mind, we have shared some useful solutions to resolve the unrecognized SIM error on Huawei and Honor phones.

Compatible:  the following solutions work with most EMUI devices, including  Huawei P20, Huawei Nova 3,  Honor 10, Honor 9N, Honor Note 10, Huawei Mate 10, Honor 7Xand others.

How to solve the problems of Huawei / Honor phones with SIM Card problems

Does Huawei / Honor not read the SIM? It’s easy: take the card from your smartphone and put it in another device, even on a “stupid” cell phone it will work. If the  SIM is not recognized , it is defective.

Try another SIM on your smartphone: Put a SIM that you know works on another device in your smartphone. It must be recognized. Otherwise, it is very likely that the defect is present on your device.

Before starting the troubleshooting procedure, make sure your Huawei device software is up to date. You can manually check for software updates from Settings> About phone> System updates,> Check for updates.

If the latest software update is available, download and install on the device. If the SIM problem persists, follow the troubleshooting guide below.

How to resolve unrecognized SIM error on Huawei and Honor phones

Solution 1: Restart or Reboot Device:

Sometimes, a simple reboot can solve various bugs and problems created on your smartphone. The problem was probably triggered by minor software problems affecting the operating system or network. Therefore, it is advisable to restart now.

Restart or Reboot Huawei And Honor

1. Locate the  power button  on the device.

2. Now you need to hold down the Power button for a few seconds or until you see any menu on the device screen.

3. Tap Turn off  and then tap OK . The device will now turn off automatically.

4. Restart the device after 30 seconds by long pressing the power button.

Most likely, the unrecognized SIM card error will be fixed on your Huawei / Honor phone. If the problem has not been solved yet, a Soft Reset must be performed. This recovery is free from data loss since it does not affect the saved data and personal information. In this way, it will delete the cache files and correct minor software errors.

Solution 2: Remove and reinstall the SIM card:

The SIM card error from a Huawei / Honor phone is also displayed when the device is unable to detect the SIM card as it may have moved from the tray. Users may have the same problem even if the SIM is damaged. Then, follow the steps below to make sure the SIM card is secured in the correct position and is not damaged.

Remove and reinstall the SIM card

1. First, turn off your cell phone.

2. Remove the SIM card tray with the help of the SIM eject tool.

3. Examine the SIM card carefully to detect any signs of damage such as scratches. If you think the SIM card is damaged, go to the nearest service center and get a new SIM card with the same number. Otherwise, take a cloth and clean the SIM card carefully.

4. Insert the SIM into the tray and reinsert the tray into the device.

5. Turn on the device by long pressing the power button.

Now, check if the problem has been solved or not. If you still see the error, read the next solution.

Solution 3: start in safe mode:

Sometimes, the unrecognized SIM card error is also displayed due to any third-party apps installed on the device. Start the device in safe mode and check if the problem persists or not. In safe mode, all third-party apps are temporarily disabled. Follow the steps below to start your Huawei phone in safe mode.

Huawei SIM not recognized
Huawei And Honor Safe Mode
  • Turn off the device.
  • Then press the power button again to turn it back on.
  • Once the Huawei animation screen is displayed, immediately hold down the volume button to start safe mode.

If you now see the mobile network icon on your device, the problem is mainly caused by the installation of third-party Android apps. Find the app that causes this problem and uninstall it from your device. If you still see the error in safe mode, then it is a serious system problem or there may be some hardware damage. We recommend reading the next solution.

Solution 4: delete the cache partition:

As with the app cache, there is also a system cache on your device that could create errors if not cleared over time. Here’s how to clear the cache partition on your Huawei phone.

1. Start the device in  recovery mode . To do this, turn off the device, then turn it on by pressing the Power + Volume Up button. Release both buttons when you see the  Huawei logo on the screen.

2. Here you will see a list of options to choose from. Go to clearing the cache partition using the volume down button and then confirm the selection using  the power button  .

3. Wait until the cache partition is cleared.

4. Touch  Restart the system  to start the device in normal mode.

In case of a successful reboot, check whether the SIM card problem has been resolved or not. Otherwise, it is necessary to carry out the final solution, a hard reset or restore the factory data.

Solution 5: Factory data reset:

Factory data recovery is the final option if any of the solutions above does not work to resolve the unrecognized SIM problem on Huawei and Honor phones. Since this completely eliminates all your data from your phone, we recommend that you perform a full backup.

To restore, go to Settings> Advanced settings> Backup and restore> Factory data reset and then tap  Restore phone .

If none of the previous steps worked to resolve the unrecognized Huawei SIM card error, you need to visit the nearest Huawei service center and fix the problem.

Let us know if we could help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments box below.

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